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Posted: October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Daddy and Maa'tWelcome to my blog, Hi my name is Mark and i am from the beautiful island of Barbados (the home town of Rianna). Which is located in the Atlantic Caribbean . Barbados is known for its’ beautiful sunshine and its sandy beaches.  i am Married and have five Beautiful kids. My joy in life comes from helping people .Which gave me the idea for creating this blog so i connect with people and help them find solutions to the problems they may encounter from time to time when using they computers. I have been working on Computers for sometime now as a hobby so if there’s problem you are struggling with and you need to find a solution I would be more than glad to help.

So on that note let me break the ice so to speak by asking you all a few questions as i am new to this blogging thing. hey we all have to start some way right

1. What  most interest  you when it come to computers?.

2. What kind of deals are you looking for when it come to Computers.

3.What programs you like most?.

Ps. Please feel free to reply to this post also i would appreciate  any suggestions you may have about this blog or post.

Thank you.



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